Saturday, April 21, 2018

Inspector Renecca Mayfield Box Set 1

by Joanne Pence

Very entertaining, really enjoyed all three stories
Beginning with The Thirteenth Santa, quite frankly I thought it took off with the hilarity of the old Keystone Kops films. How can a big van carrying 12 elderly Santas just disappear? Even more bizarre, where did the body of the thirteenth Santa come from? Christmas Eve has never been so strange. Some of the characters in the first story carry over into the next, some don't.

The second story, One O'Clock Hustle, has Rebecca Mayfield, Homicide division, working on several cases as the story goes along. Not quite a carry-over from book 1, but just as suspenseful and fast-paced as the first. It also carries over Richie Amalfi, completely in character, but would he actually kill someone? Another entertaining story, and still connected in some ways to the first and as high tension with humor as the last.

The third story, Two O'Clock Heist, is as tense and entertaining as the rest. I loved this entire boxed set, I downloaded it on to my Kindle. I can only imagine what the set would be like reading it on paper. I almost want to start reading it all again, but I just finished the set, which also included Richie's Italian Dialect, how it is used in San Francisco and what the words mean which I found really interesting. Joanne Pence has truly gone out of her way to bring an exciting and entertaining set to her readers.

Flo Charts (Silver Hills Cozy Mysteries)

by Sam Cheever
read on Kindle 

 Loved this story, full of interesting activities
This was my first book by Sam Cheever and I know I will want more. I've had this book for some time due to circumstances, but as soon as I started reading it, I was hooked. Wonderful word pictures came to mind as I read.  There is a new senior moving into the Silver Hills Senior and Singles Residence and Flo is the first to greet her. It seems Agnes has quite a presence but it doesn't stop her from being oddly accident prone because of that presence. She is certainly a good ally if you want to do any detecting. Flo and Agnes make an interesting team and good friends. Even their pets get along. But what is so unique about Agnes' cat, is it that he likes to roam around the building, or is there more to it? He makes his rounds in his own unique style and process. What makes Flo so afraid of him?

When someone at the home becomes ill, work-related, Flo and Agnes start to ask questions. Flo being the questioner and Agnes providing a powerful backup. A very large woman, she is foil to Flo's lightweight methods. When the two of them try to gain access to the company where their friend works, checking it out becomes a hilarious misadventure. For a warehouse of household items and similar in storage, it has some very unexpected items here and there, not easily moved, but strangely unnoticed. All's well that ends well as soon as the police are in control...or maybe not as another case becomes a comedy of errors. Uniquely different from other cozy mysteries I've read.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Murder Below Zero

by John Lawrence Reynolds
a Rapid Reads book

 January in June, I can identify. Unusually cold this year, spring just doesn't seem to be in any hurry to arrive in Port Ainslee causing little excitement in the small village. Two conflicting policing sections, can Maxine Benson, chief of Port Ainslee's small police force, keep her cool and wits while the pushy provincial police both ignore and restrict her from doing her official job? The shocking discovery of a body in a ditch brings all enmity to the fore as Max tries to solve the crime with considerable interference from the overbearing head of the provincial police who are virtually scrambling the discoveries made by Max. It takes awhile but methodically Max has answers that are being ignored. Who could have murdered the man in the ditch and why does the body seem more frigid than expected? I enjoyed this book on several levels, a lot of plot packed into this Rapid Read. I will definitely be watching for more books by this author.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Dead Wake - A Forgotten Coast Florida Suspense Novel - Book 5

by Dawn Lee McKenna
reviewed from Kindle

 This book got my attention from the start, and no wonder. A flood from the most recent hurricane most certainly can make a lot of changes to buildings and landscapes. On the other hand, what turns out to be a completely unexpected find turns the town's citizens upside-down. Welcome to Apalachicola! Now I am very sorry I haven't discovered this series before. Unusual problems exist in the relationships of the citizens in their everyday lives but the shocking find while renovating a building halts almost everything but the investigation. Surprising twists and turns, mistaken answers to questions, I really enjoyed the sometimes shocking and sometimes humorous relationships, hidden secrets and the surprises that go along with it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Assignment: Athens (A SpyCo Novella Book 1)

by Craig A. Hart
review from ebook

This novella and first in the series was quite interesting in characters, being short it didn't quite tell the whole story. I did enjoy it, though and would happily read another SpyCo book. Two different factions, SpyCo and Scorpion, appear to have a third unknown faction in their search for the central snatch back of a very important briefcase. Or is it really that special? Spies, heroes, partners, and other criminals all after the same briefcase, what do they have in common? Thrills, chills, murderers, terrorists, humor and hidden perils, I really enjoyed this book, Craig A. Hart really knows how to deliver.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Oath of Honor (Blue Justice series book 1)

Oath of Honor (Blue Justice series book 1)
by Lynette Eason
published by

 A very interesting story if you can find your way through the two main characters' families. A bit confusing with two families who have known each other for so long working in law-enforcement and medical services. The book divides itself over Thursday to Tuesday with chapters in each day. There is lots of action, and a lot of characters in the plot as would be expected in fighting crime. Loss, old and new, plays a large role within these law-enforcement and homicide workers.

The book begins with a bang, crime, death, recovery and secrets. As a reader I feel for these people who suffer loss whose family members are sworn to protect, and those with members killed in war. Those who do escape work with precision and stealth to solve crimes while the suspense, twists and turns speed up. A partner who Izzy has known for a lifetime, headstrong and with the faulty confidence of youth is killed in a stakeout. Who killed her partner and what can she do about it? Why did her partner ask her to hide his phone as he was dying? Why was her brother acting so strangely? Who killed who? Why is Derek, the twin brother of Izzy, so secretive?

This book is realistic, fast-paced, provides a genuine fascination to the reader. Lynette Eason is an author who understands what a reader wants and needs in a book, a superb author. Definitely one to add to my list of favourites.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Murder in Palm Beach: The Homicide That Never Died

by Bob Brink

Accused of murder he did not commit...
An interesting story of miscarriage of justice wrapped around courts, the judicial system and the incarceration system. This story revolves around Mitt Hecher, a family man accused and imprisoned for a murder he did not commit and how he eventually turns his sentence around through the help of many people who believe in him, especially his wife, son and mother. Among new activities he instigates with the help of the officials within the prison such as karate lessons. As a Canadian, I wasn't sure if some offered activities would actually be an acceptable exercise in the system. However, the action and response to such a request obviously made a difference to the inmates and their attitudes, not to mention its value in preparing long-term residents for their upcoming freedom. Will the loss of his very ill wife deter Hecher from trying to redeem himself and also from fighting for the truth to come out? Will he ever know who the real killer was? I found I really enjoyed reading this book regardless of the anger it generated with falsehoods and blocked hearings which should have been heard and acted upon. But truth sometimes really does come out and provides the reader with a feeling of good over evil.